PON stands for Polski Owczarek Nizinny. (Aren’t you glad you asked?) The PON is also known as the Polish Lowland Sheepdog. Those of us that are fortunate enough to live with one affectionately refer to them as a PON or in the case of more than one, PONS.

We live in Ocala, FL., about 60 miles from Disney World and it occurred to me that if Walt Disney had created a dog, the PON would be that dog…It truly is the ultimate shaggy dog..medium in size (35-55 pounds), cobby, strong, muscular and non-shedding. It is lively, watchful, exceptionally bright, clever, perceptive, very comical and has an excellent memory. Did I forget stubborn? In addition, they are striking in appearance, innocent looking and so darn cute that you tend to let them get away with just about anything!


They will use their charm, their wit or just wag that fat little tail-less butt to get their way. Speaking from experience, it’s hard to discipline them for that reason. But the PON needs a strong leader and good consistent training and socialization from the very beginning or they will tend to take over your household. THE PON IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. They can be very stubborn, very strong willed and require many, many hours of grooming to keep their coat looking good.

The PON was bred to herd sheep and although very few of them still do that as a full time career, they do need a job! They must have a project to do each day. If you don’t supply one they will find their own and you’re probably not going to be crazy about their choice.

One of our females, Olivia, decided early on that it was her job to remove all the towels from the bathrooms and pile them in the hallway. She was also a kleptomaniac!!  She would  steal anything…preferably underwear, socks and anything from the waste baskets in the bathrooms. Where she chose to put them was usually an embarrassment…like the back yard or at a guests feet.


 A  PONs greatest pleasure is to be part of the family and we can tell you from the bottom of our hearts that once you let a PON into your life....your life, as you knew it, will never be the same!!


You will wonder how you ever lived without this cuddly, challenging, entertaining, wonderful being.  They will bring a smile (if not an outright guffaw) to your face many times a day and will fill your life and home with more love and joy then you ever thought possible.

If you would like more information on our PONs and upcoming litters, please fill out our PUPPY QUESTIONNAIRE which is located in our Puppy Section.

There are several good places to read about the PONs on the web.  One of those is called PON Digest.  It is a monthly digest about PONs and their owners, from around the World.  You can see it by going to   You can also go to and subscribe to a delightful quarterly PON Magazine.