WHITE STAR AKC CONFORMATION CHAMPIONS (out of Olivia or Winnie; Liza Jane; Daphne; Bernice, Carly Rose, Elli Mae, Maisie Rae)

or sired by HIGGINS, BENTLEY,BRADY, Paddington Bear & Cappy--------------------------------  ++GRAND CHAMPION

1. Ch Elzbietaís White Zinfandel (Olivia)* sire: Elzbieta's Mufinski

2. Ch White Starís Tao of Pooh (Winnie) sire: Batman

3. Ch White Starís Tigger Too (Tigger) sire: Batman

4. Ch White Starís Zachary T (Zach) sire: Alex

5. Ch White Starís Ella Blue (Ella Blue) sire: Alex

6. Ch White Starís Tzarina Alexia (Lexie) sire: Jazz

7. Ch Zhiggins Goral White Star Z Banciarni* sire: Upior Pol-PON

8. Ch White Starís Paddington Bear (Paddy) sire: Shaka

9. Ch White Starís Bree-z Polish Hill (Bree-z)** sire Batman

10. Ch White Starís Joy To The World (Oliver) sire: Jazz

11. Ch White Starís Little Zeta (Zeta)** sire: Batman

12. Ch White Starís Jillian Olivia (Jilli)** sire: Alex

13. Ch White Starís Sweet Little Liza Jane (Liza Jane) sire: Higgins

14. Ch White Starís Watch Me Blossom Kosy (Blossom)** sire: Alex

15. Ch White Stars Carly Rose (Carly Rose) sire: Higgins

16. Ch StarPons Jaded Lady (Jade) sire: Higgins

17. Ch Flinkbein Wyntr White Star (Daphne)*

18. Ch White Starís Molly Popper (Molly Popper)** sire: Higgins

19. Ch White Starís Bearington Bear (Bear) sire: Higgins

20. Ch White Starís Belle Fleur (Belle) sire: Higgins

21. Ch White Star's Baron (Miseu) sire: Higgins**

22. Ch Wilshy's Windsong z Katerina PONs (Pippin) sire: Higgins

23. Ch White Star's It's All In The Family (Connor) sire: Paddington Bear

24. Ch Swan Crest Hope Floats z White Star (Bernice)* sire: Alex

25. ++GRAND Ch White Star's Bentley Z Bluegrass (Bentley)* sire: Alex

26. Ch White Star's Paddy Too (Paddy)   sire:  Paddington Bear

27. Ch White Star's Scarlett O'Beara (Scarlett) 2/23/07  sire: Zach

28. Ch White Star's Sir Winston Churchill (Winston) 2/23/07  sire:  Higgins

29. ++GRAND Ch White Star's It's A Sirius Family Affair (Brady) 4/9/07 sire: Paddington Bear

30. Ch White Star's Sam's Watchin' Ewe (Sam) 6/17/07  sire: Zach

31. Ch White Star's Madison (Madison) 9/8/07  sire: Ben

32. Ch White Star's Sparkling Rose (Rosie) 11/11/07 sire: Paddington Bear

33. Ch White Star's Walkin' On Sunshine (Priscilla) 9/29/08  sire:  Higgins

34. Ch White Star's General George S. Patton (Patton) 1/10/09  sire:  Higgins

35. Ch White Star's Kissin' Cousin z Polishhill  (Elli Mae) 1/18/09*  sire:  Higgins

36. Ch Polishhill Fun In the Sun z Arc (Emily)*** 6/21/09  sire: Higgins

37. ++GRAND Ch White Star's Blue Ribbon Hooch (Hooch) 2/27/10 sire: Higgins

38. Ch Polish Hill's Some Like It Hot***  sire: Higgins

39.++GRAND  Ch White Star's Plays Well With Others (Maisie Rae) 5/22/10   sire:  Bentley

40. ++GRAND Ch White Star's Christmas Gift (Oliver) 10/8/10    sire:  Bentley

41. AKC, UKC Ch White Star's Sam's Pride 'N Joy (Joy) 1/16/12  sire: Sam

42. Ch White Star's How Do You Like Me So Far? (Magee) 1/18/12  sire:  Sam

43. Ch White Star's Carolina Casanova (Maisie Rae) 10/2015    sire:   Cappy


* Owned, finished, sired by White Star, but not our breeding

** Our breeding, owned & finished by others

***Sired by White Star, owned by others