Ch.Flinkbein’s Wyntr White Star

Aka: Daphne

Daphne arrived April 14, 2003 from the Flinkbein Kennels in Finland. They are well known for their quality PONs and many Champions. Daphne was born February 16, 2003 and is a little dynamite. I was somewhat concerned as to how Olivia and Winnie would react to her and her to them. Not a problem! She walked in this house (all 9 ½ pounds of her) and said something in Finnish and charmed everyone…Higgins, especially. He loves the girls with an accent! He thinks we brought her home just for him to play with. That’s all they’ve done since she arrived.

 Daphne turned two years old on February 16, 2005. Daphne became an AKC Champion in June, 2004 and is the funniest PON we have ever met, which is saying something because they are all clowns. She stands on her back feet like a bear and boxes with her front paws. She has a one-two punch that will knock you off your feet. We're looking for baby boxing gloves for her for Christmas.

Anyone here from Finland?!?

Anyone here from Finland?!?


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Daphne - January 2005

Daphne's Puppy Photo Gallery


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