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Mom asked me to write something about our vacation and since it was my first “real vacation” I have a lot of thoughts and memories.

When I saw Mom and Dad loading up the Yukon, I figured we were going to another show, but I was kind of surprised that I didn’t have to go to the groomer and that they were packing up Daphne and my 3 kids from my 3rd wife, Winnie. Wow, that sounds terrible…I’m only 19 months old and I’m already on my 3rd wife and I do admit to a couple of long distance romances, which I’m still working on.. I’m really a nice guy though. I just fall in love easily.  I’m a sucker for those cute tail-less butts!

We left on Wednesday and drove for about 7 hours to visit Katie Deckert in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida. (Boy, was I surprised! She’s one of the girls I’m in love with and she really looked fabulous, although I have to admit I wonder if she’s more in love with the ball than me. Guess I’m a little insecure.) We stayed at their Inn on Okaloosa Island which is right on the water and was so much fun. You can see pictures of me cruising’ for chicks on the beach although I had to be real cool ‘cause my daughters were with me. Ms. Melanie was watching me pretty closely which you can tell from her picture on the beach chair. 

We packed up and left for Lake Charles, Louisiana, where we met with some good friends we met at Westminster this year. They’re waiting for one of my sons from my next liaison. Wow, did they have a beautiful house! We had a lot of fun and lots of good Louisiana food! Me and my Dad sat out on their dock and watched the sunset. It was a really special moment for both of us.

Next morning, we’re back in the Yukon heading for Lake Bistineau to spend time with Ms. Deborah and Mr. Steve Roberts and their stunning daughter, MacKenzie and their two beautiful PON daughters, Ania and Savannah. I’ve never been to such a beautiful place. Needless to say I was pretty surprised to see Jade, my daughter from my 2nd marriage there! She is “drop dead” gorgeous! So, I introduced her to my daughters from my 3rd marriage and, thank God, they all got along.

 In the meantime, I’m really getting attracted to Savannah, but, I played it real cool. There were 8 of us PONs there (I was the only male) and we ran and played the whole time. I really thought Ania was cute but she seemed to be more interested in the Golf Cart than me…go figure! I’m sending some of the pictures along that my Mom took so you can see just what a beautiful place it was. We stayed for 4 days and, believe me, I hated to leave, but we got back in the Yukon and much to my surprise, we went back to visit the Deckert’s in Okaloosa Island. I know my Mom and Dad didn’t want to leave there. We all hung out on the beach and the wharf and the humans went out to dinner a lot and seemed to laugh all the time. But, all good things come to an end…so we packed up again and headed back to Orlando. There were a lot of happy tears and promises to return. Now, I understand what the humans are talking about when they talk about “good friends.” Winnie, my 3rd wife, was happy to see me come home, but my Mother-in-law, Olivia, gave me a lot of grief about not taking her with us.

   I see my human Mom looking at the calendar and can only believe she’s trying to figure out when we can all do this again. “Count me in!!”

The END!

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