Ch White Star’s Tao of Pooh (Winnie)

 Born: November 13, 1998

Sire: World Ch ‘99,AKC, Multi Ch Polish Hill’s Batman the Caped Crusader

Dam: World Ch ‘97, Int’l., Multi Ch, Multi BIS, Elzbieta’s White Zinfandel, CGC

Breeder/Owners: Merrilee Finch-Cirtwell and Jeff Cirtwell

 Winnie was born on Friday the 13th along with 5 littermates and within the first week of her life, we were convinced that she was the strangest PON puppy we had ever seen. She looked like a very tiny cow with ear flaps sticking straight out to the side. But that didn’t stop us from falling madly in love with her. Actually, for the first 6 months of her life, her little paws barely touched the ground because we carried her in our arms like a baby everywhere we went. Which, in retrospect, was not the brightest thing to do. By doing that we sheltered her too much from the everyday experiences and socialization of life at a very critical time in her life. As a result, Winnie is somewhat shy and extremely reserved outside of her environment. We call her our “autistic” child. She is beautiful, bright, funny and clever but unless you’re part of our family, you’ll probably never see it. She likes everything in her life to stay the same. When she sees something new or different she stands back and looks as if to say, “not my underwear!” Those of you who have seen The Rainman will understand the saying.

Regardless of her little idiosyncrasies she has done extremely well in her show career. In the first 2 years of her life she earned 13 Best In Shows, various championship titles and finished as the #2 PON ranked by ARBA in 1999 and 2000 right behind her littermate brother, White Star’s Tigger Too. Also, in 2000, their Mother, Olivia finished 3rd right behind her 2 kids. When we went into AKC August 1, 2001, Winnie finished her championship on August 30,2001 and was the 3rd female to finish. Her mother, Olivia, was the first.

Shortly thereafter we decided to let her stay home and be the Princess which she prefers. She truly didn’t like going to shows and we wanted her to be happy. She’s extremely happy now and spends most of her day carrying around a stuffed animal or ball and harassing Higgins unmercifully. She teases him constantly until they both get one end of the toy and then run together through the house knocking down anything in their way.



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